ISL Players To Watch Out For: Jamshedpur FC vs ATK

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Jamshedpur vs Atk: 5 Players To Watch Out For

After a massive disappointment by suffering the heaviest home defeat in their ISL history in the hands of Pune, the reigning champions are hoping not to squander points against non scoring Jamshedpur. Teddy Sheringham’s team were completely out of the turf under the goal strength of Alfaro-Mercelino pair in the Saltlake, the stadium to host the home games once again after a year. A repeat would surely be rejected as Sheringham prepares for the away trip.

Jamshedpur contain some brilliant players in their squad but even so they haven’t rippled the net for a single time after two games in their debut season. Scoreless against Northeast and Kerala, the newcomers managed by Steve Copel will look to provide a major shock in their home ground and also to score the first goal.

Five major players to look up in this fixture are mentioned below:

1. Mehtabh Hossain (Jamshedpur): The leader in the midfield, Mehtabh is the current which runs the generator of the whole team. A fully experienced and perfect dominator in his role, Hossain is a terminator assign to fulfill his duties. His character itself is a extra motivation to the other lads playing alongside him. Atk must consist a full proof plan to disconnect this power source.

2. Tiri ( Jamshedpur): The curator at the back, there is absolutely no drop in form and composer from this former Atletico Madrid defender. The understanding of the nature of the league acknowledged with the club ,he will battle on Friday, Atk he has turned himself to be the man to rely upon. Now it’s up to him what performance he puts up on the deck, facing his old club.

3. Subhrata Paul (Jamshedpur): It is right that the team hasn’t stroked a goal in the opening two games but the fact is that they haven’t conceded one also. It is partially because the Indian spiderman who is revving his lost form. Paul had confirmed that his team don’t fall behind and kept two clean sheet uptil now. His regular show of the same flexibility inside the post allow Jamshedpur to leap forward.

4) Zequinha (ATK)- After that horrid display in the Yuba Bharati, little would be expected from the first in Atk’s regiment but when star sign Lyngdoh is flopping, Zequinha is living up to the task. For the second consecutive game amidst the club’s dismay, Zequinha has been the top performer in the final third. His action is a prove that he likes to make his club move forward and though he’s not getting that supporting hand Zequinha is a constant threat in the final third.

5) Bipin (ATK): Future prospect in the right back role, Bipin looked as a positive figure in the defense as well as attack. He didn’t feel shy to get his boots underneath the ball to strike at Pune’s goalpost. The full back scored Atk’s first goal of ISL 4 and stay focused on the next challenge led on by Jamshedpur.