ISL: Bengaluru FC vs Delhi Dynamos FC Player Ratings

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ISL 2017/18: Bengaluru FC vs Delhi Dynamos FC Player Ratings

The victory of Bengaluru FC over Delhi Dynamos FC had made BFC to grab the first place in the points table.

Bengaluru FC continued their unbeaten streak in the Indian Super League, as they outclassed sluggish Delhi Dynamos for 4-1 in their second game. Since the kick-off of the game, Bengaluru took the possession and were in the driver’s role. On the other side, Dynamos’ side looked weary, and were lacked with co-operations and brilliant touches.

However, let’s take a took at the ratings of the players.

Bengaluru FC

Gurupreet Singh Sandhu-(7.8/10)

The Indian custodian had nothing much to do throughout the game as the Delhi attackers were kept at the bay. However, he was unable to deny the Kalu Uche’s penalty, which helped Delhi decrease the deficit.


The Spaniard had a decent game for the newcomers. He stood firm at the back, and this stern defenders alarming presence had helped Bengaluru keep Delhi attacks away.

John Johnson-(8/10)

Similar to that of his partner in the central defense, Englishman John Johnson was instrumental at the back for his side. Despite his brilliant performance, it was his mistake that awarded Delhi with the penalty.

Harmanjot Khabra-(8/10)

Khabra was dynamic at the flanks vs Dynamos. His disturbing presence at the right denied Lallianzuala the spaces, which could be counted as a reason for the weary play from the team from the capital city.

Rahul Bheke-(8/10)

One of the top left backs the country has at the moment, Rahul Bheke’s performance has managed to reach the level, the coach might have expected from him. He was good at the left, and had provided with some good amount attacking assistance.

Edu Garcia-(9/10)

Edu Garcia had a fine day for the Bengaluru FC, as his presence was found immense for Bengaluru FC to orchestrate the play at the middle of the park. His inch perfect free-kicks had a great effect and one of the reasons for opening goal

Erik Partaalu-(10/10)

The hero of the match, the Australian Erik Partaalu had an incredible night at the office. He opened the card for Bengaluru as his impeccable header from Khabra’s another header went past Albino Gomes. He doubled the lead for Bengaluru at the end of the first half, as his another glancing header off from a corner rested again at the back of Albino’s goal.

Lenny Rodriguez-(8/10)

The Indian midfielder had a good game for Bengaluru FC. He had provided his mates with adequate support and bagged a goal from a rebound.


Contrary to that of his debut match, Miku performed a stellar display for Bengaluru FC. He was active upfront, and had many chances to score goals for his side, but most of his chances were thwarted by Albino Gomes. However, he had his name in the score sheet as his brilliant shot from a short range went past Albino.

Bengaluru FC
Sunil Chhetri-(8/10)

His name is not in the score sheet, but the score sheet itself would say his impact in the game. He was pivotal for them in the attack. His long passes, short passes were all had an impact in the game. He co-ordinated well with his mates, and his name could have registered with multiple assists, hadn’t Gomes thwarted them.

Udanta Singh-(8/10)

The flash, was a consistent threat for the opponents. His blistering pace helped his side go past the Delhi defence, and his touch, and creativity was an attraction of their game.

Delhi Dynamos FC

Albino Gomes-(7.3/10)

He might be! Despite conceding four goals, Albino’s did performed decently with some crucial saves one of which denying Miku in an 1-on-1 situation and he was able to curb away many fatal Bengaluru FC moves.

Pritam Kotal-(6.5/10)

Not a good day for the Indian international, Pritam Kumar was not at his best. He was seen floundering at the back, and failed to bring the ball to attack for the visitors.

Prathik Chowdary-(6.5/10)

Prathik too had dreadful day for the Delhi Dynamos. He, who was stern at the back against Pune failed to withstand the Bengaluru FC attackers, and the score card suggests the consequences.

Bengaluru FC
Gabrieal Cicero-(6/10)

The man to have commanded the defense of his side, Gabriel was a flop in the game against the mighty Bengaluru FC. Neither his attempts, nor his presence helped his secure the defense.

Lalhmangaihsanga Ralte-(5.8/10)

He made few good interceptions for his side, but was unable to provide the team with attackers.

Vinit Rai-(8/10)

The young Vinit Rai was one of the best men on the field for Delhi this night. Despite Bengaluru holding the dominance of the game at the middle of the park, Vinit did best to reclaim it back, and was seen clearing many of the Bengaluru attacks.

Paulo Diaz-(6.5/10)

Outclassed by the Bengaluru linchpin’s, Paulo had a not so good game for his side. His performance was unsatisfactory and was replaced later the game.

Matias Mirabaje-(5.8/10)

The performance of Matias was poor. He in the midfield, failed to establish their claim for the match, and undoubtedly outdone by the opponents.

Guyon Fernandes-(7/10)

One of the active players, the visitors had, Guyon Fernandes was threat for the Bengaluru FC throughout the game. He oozed past some of their players, but failed to produce the expected outcomes.

Lallianzuala Chhangte-(6/10)

The hero of the previous match, Chhangte was kept silent by the Bengaluru defense, and the game barely saw him outdoing them. He had changed his flanks during the game, but neither his old, nor his new positions were enough to drive the game.

Kalu Uche-(6.5/10)

The captain scored the penalty goal for them, which helped them decrease the deficit to two. He had a modest day today. He failed to implement the experience he had in Europe here, when the need was high.