ISL 2017-18: CFC vs FCG Player Ratings

Chennayin fc vs FC Goa
0 69

The wait of the Goal, had came to an end. Match no-3, It has been a five Goal thriller but the win has been in favour of FCG as they defeated CFC to become the first team to taste the victory.
Player Ratings:

Chennaiyin FC

Starting XI

Karanjit Singh-(6/10)
CFC’s ball stopper was not good in his format at first half. His performance in 2nd half, has managed to stop the ball. Poor shot stopping and some rash decisions were the highlights of one of Karanjit’s worst games ever. The management of CFC had done a wrong thing by retaining him.

Henrique Sereno-(6.8/10)
The Skipper, the midfielder has a bad day. The night he has to forget misunderstanding with others caused the bad result to the team.
The above mentioned same mistake also done by him, was poor in the First Hlaf. Well he had turned the free kick into goal and opened the CFC’s Goal account in this season.

Mailson Alves-(6.8/10)
The Brazillian Midfielder had tried his best even at the last minute of the game to gain a penalty to the team but it has not happened. He was roaming in all the place failed to touch the ball and did not helped his fellow defenders

Dhanachandra Singh-(6.8/10)
The Defender who can give a throw itself like a Corner kick,During the third goal of FCG he had failed to understand the strategy of Mandar.In the first Game of CFC the Misunderstaning of the Defenders and GK was one of the important think to be consider for the teams loss.

Raphael Augusto-(8/10)
Comparing to other mates he had played well after the earlier Goals he was in running all around to get the ball. In the 2nd he had turned the Penalty into Goal.

Jerry Lalrinzuala-(7/10)
His performance was not potential, the youngster had failed to use the chance when we compare Mandar and Brandon they had performed well.

Thoi Singh(7/10)
Thoi was seen in all the side with his running but it was not effective in the First Half, his passing were also not reached the team members. In the second half thus whenever the ball is coming to him he turned to Nelson he tried to get into the box but failed to score.

Rene Mihelic(8.8/10)
Though he had played only in the First Half his performance was very consistent, his passing and tackling were also good. Do no why he has been substituted if he was played in 2nd half surely CFC had drawn the match.

Baoringdao Bodo-(7/10)
The young player to play in this season(18 years 33 days). He had failed to convert the ball into Goal at the same time he was failed to pass the ball to other players. Rene’s ball maximum reached Bodo only but he even could not turn the ball towards Jeje.

Jeje Lalpekhula-(7.5/10)
In the first half the striker would have touched the ball about 3 to 5 times only as the defence of the opponent was very strong. In the second half he had tried a short but the ball was of the post and it had turned out.

Gregory Nelson-(9/10)
He had came only in the Second half, he had played by understanding the situation as the opponent had taken lead 0-3. He had got the chance within the 6th minute after his arrival in the 2nd half but it has deflected by hitting the post. I am sure in the next match he will play the full match.

Bikramjit Singh-(7.5/10)
He also came only in the 2nd half his performance was not up to the level as he had tried the best but the out come was not good he had tried long ball pass to Nelson either it have been tackled by the opponent or it had become foul.

Francis Fernandes-(7.8/10)
He had came to the field at the 80th minute he had given 2 pass to the strikers one has reached Mailson but he could not turn the ball.

FC Goa

Starting XI

Laxmikant Katimani-(7/10)
The Skipper was strong in the first half. In the Second half he was an howler as he let Free kick by his silly mistake and even did not try a jump to stop the Penalty.

Naryan Das-(9/10)
The Left-Back was good and done the job correctly as he has became an nightmare to Inigo and Bodo that they could not cross him.

Seriton-( 7.2/10)
A Debutant, he had done what he can but the blunder mistake was collision with kattimani which has turned Penalty to the opponent.

Bruno Pinheiro-(7.8/10)
He had fully covered the back he was the one who had stopped Jeje several times.

The bonding between Bruno and Ali were good opponent can’t cross them. CFC strikers and Midfielders were struguled due to this Duo.

The Defensive Midfielder was in good position as he carried out the team in attack and defence in an equal propotion.

Manuel Bruno-(9.2/10)
The central Midfielder was had a creative Play the every move of him with the ball was very good that he had persuade a Goal and also an assist. Named as the Hero of the Match.

Edu Bedia-(8/10)
The midfielder done his job as he assigned and provided a wall for the Defenders.

Had a good touch, an assist, desrved a place in the Indian National Team.

Mandar Desai Rao-(9.5/10)
The First Indian to score the Goal in this Season had improved a lot when compared to the previous season. He had passed into the CFC defence line like a Rocket.

The First Player to Score a Goal in this Season and constantly gave pressure to the CFC defenders.