Morata denies reports of him being unhappy in London

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Recently reports coming from Italy stated that Alvaro Morata was unhappy in ‘stressful’ London and did not see himself in the english capital for too long.

In an exclusive interview with the la Gazzetta dello sport , Morata admitted that he considers London a “fascinating” place to live due to its “multi-ethnicity”, he doesn’t see himself living in the city for too long.

In response to these reports , Morata has claimed that his words were wrongly interpreted.

Asked about the quotes before Tuesday’s Champions League game at Roma, he clarified he meant he will not remain in London when he retires.

“Probably we have a communication problem with this interview. All I said was I was very happy at Juventus”

“I’m really happy here and enjoying London with my wife,” he said.

“When I finish my career, I prefer to come back to my country. I prefer the place where I was born, that’s normal. When I say London is a stressful city, I’m talking about the traffic and a lot of people. It’s an incredible city.”

Morata, 25, has scored seven goals in 13 games since his club record £60m move from hometown club Real Madrid on a five-year deal in the summer.

“If Chelsea proposed 10 years, I’d probably sign it,” he said. “I’m happy with everything. If I make good and improve, I can stay here more than five years.”

He further added that “I really like London now but when I want to
bring my child to school, I prefer to come back to my country”

When asked about his relationship with manager Antonio Conte , Morata said “The relationship is very good. He
loves to work hard. Me too. In a tactic sense he’s one of the best in the world”

“Every day I improve a little bit [under Antonio Conte]. It is good for my present and future.”