Panathinaikos BC get past Olympiakos in the prestigous Greek derby

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Lucas Villafenez’s solo strike was enough to separate Panathikanos from Olympiakos in the derby of the eternal enemies

The side from the capital city of Greece registered an important victory over arch rivals Olympiakos to edge closer to the top four placement in the Greek super league in a whole on chaotic atmosphere.

This season the league had managed a competitiveness with sixteen teams seeking a chance to be the season best. With the derby on the horizon along with the league’s state at the moment, erupted the supporting limits of the fans of both the sides which disrupted the scenes before kickoff.

Missiles and burning crackers were thrown at the every end of the pitch cracking every law of self discipline. Police had to intervene and the kickoff was delayed. It took a fierce turn then when the annoyed supporters tried to vanquish the police on the pitch by throwing smoke bombs and directed missiles towards them.

Finally peace was restored and the eagerly anticipated derby took its place.

Olympiakos never looked like a team sitting in the fourth place as they were completely dismantled by the home side in desperation to get points. They could only sit back and witness pana to surge around the box looking for opportunity. The first half ended goalless for the away team’s compact defending.

Second half was a completely different story. Panathikanos increased the body in the attack because Olympiakos gifted them grounds to play. It was not known that whether for the hostile atmosphere of the home support that they admitted such a game style.

Whatever it is, they paid their price for defending like this allowing club’s inform striker Villafenez to pounce upon an opening and score a wonder in 53rd minute.

This victory allowed Panathikanos to gain 13 points in total. They are just one point shy of the fourth place and three of top.