Jose Arnaiz: I will always remember this game

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Young striker Jose Arnaiz is already a big prospect for Barcelona as he was one of the best players in Barcelona’s Copa del Rey win over Murcia.
The B team player scored a great goal on his debut and said he will “never forget” the game.

“Imagine, I started on my debut and I scored. It was an incredible joy, it’s what you dream of from when you’re little,” he said. “It couldn’t have been better, I started well and I hope it continues like this.”

“I started normally but I got into the game and had quite a good second half. The coach told us to play calmly, take it as normally as possible. The best thing that can happen as a footballer is to debut with these people.”

The striker is very likely to get oppurtunites under Valverde.

Abou the striker he said “He has confidence one on one and with the goal in his head. It’s good for them (the B team players) to arrive and face situations like this and come out on top. It’s a first step. We will see if they can help us further down the line too.”