Guests at Cristiano Ronaldo’s hotels gifted their own Ballon d’OR

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Cristiano Ronaldo marked the first anniversary of his Pestana CR7 hotel chain, which has sites in the Portuguese cities of Lisbon and Funchal.

In order to celebrate the occasion, guests at the hotel chain were treated to a lavish cake that had ‘Pestana CR7’ marked upon it.

Guests were also treated to a video message from Cristiano Ronaldo, congratulating them for being a part of the event. Co-owner Dionísio Pestana was also part of the video, thanking Ronaldo, congratulating the guests and praising his team for their efforts.

And what other way to cap it off than a personalized Ballon d’OR for everyone?

All the guests were given a replica version of the Ballon d’OR with Ronaldo’s autograph on it.

Later, the management team released a video of the event.