Baichung Bhutia slaps AIFF for lack of Indian coaches in U17 national side

Photo: AIFF
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Former Indian international Baichung Bhutia speaks about AIFF’s unprecedented decision for not bringing Indian coaches in the supporting staff of U17 national side.

He was voicing on a live TV show after the nation’s 4-0 loss to Ghana in the final group game when he criticised the board of not making the right decision at the right time. He thinks that more local coaches should have been permitted for the assisting hand of the coach, Luiz Norton de Matos.

“One criticism that I have is that the AIFF should have had more Indian coaches working under Luis Norton de Matos. We’ve just got one goalkeeping coach in the staff. It is not enough.

“I’ve been very vocal with the management and the federation that we need more (Indian) assistant coaches involved,” he argued.

Bhutia stressed that it would have led to some continuity when the time came for the Portuguese to step down.

“World Cup is obviously an important event so we should have had one or two more (Indian) coaches involved. If they had worked with the team for 2-3 years and under Norton de Matos, it would have been great for the country.

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“One day when he (Norton de Matos) leaves, we would have had Indian coaches to take over and guide the players. But we have only one coach and that too a goalkeeping coach.”