’10 Messis’ in A Row

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Argentine club Sacachispas used the masks of Leo to tribute his heroic contribution to his nation in the course of qualifying the FIFA World Cup 2018 Russia.

Messi was mesmerizing in the Ecuador game where he scored a hat trick after going 1-0 down. And Sacachispas, who play in the third-tier Primera B Metropolitana, paid homage to the superstar with a very special team photo this weekend.

The players wore Messi masks to show their respect against Comunicaciones on Saturday, with all their outfield players donning a mask with La Pulga’s face.

“Our only hero in this MESS!” was their scream where only the goalkeeper showed his face as Messi received a tons of love from these players.

Unfortunately he was in Madrid not Buenos Aires, and Sacachispas faced a 1-0 defeat. Maybe on his next visit Leo could visit Villa Soldati and lend Sachachispas a hand – a few goals like the match of Ecuador will be just fine !