Konami trolled EA Sports over Sami Khedira face issue:

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Competition in the realm of sports video games is almost non-existent, but soccer/world football is one of the few sports that has multiple products available to fans. Each year, EA Sports’ FIFA and Konami’s Pro Evolution
Soccer battle for supremacy in their genre.The rivalry is nothing new as fans over the globe always demanded the best from the respective companies.

However everything started with Sami Khedira’s face in FIFA 18 when the German international showed his frustration in his official twitter account.The player is not happy with his virtual avatar and clearly believes the game makers have not done enough to update his looks over the years.
Sami Khedira spent seasons with longer hair, especially during his time with Real Madrid in Spain.

But he went for a trim a few seasons ago, and has stuck to the hairstyle, something that EA Sports has clearly not picked up on.

And the Germany international has clearly grown frustrated with the out of date nature of his look on FIFA 18.

But more intrestingly KONAMI replied to Sami with his new updated face and told him that his German teammate Mesut Ozil can give him the game.Ozil is one of brand ambassador of KONAMI’s series.Now the main question is how EA will give the proper reply