Jurgen Klopp make salvage comments about Mourinho

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The Liverpool boss said that Jose Mourinho’s tactics is unacceptable at a club like Liverpool after their 0-0 draw against Manchester United at Anfield for the second successive season.

The German was furious at Martin Atkinson’s wave off at the penalty appeal when Coutinho went down inside the box under pressure from Ander Herrara.

He also made some salvage comments on his opposite number tactics which he implanted today.

After the game the Liverpool manager told Sky Sports: “I think the performance was worth three points. We were the better side.

“I think Man United came here for the point and they got it. We wanted three points and didn’t get it.

“I’m sure if we played like this, you could not do this at Liverpool. Obviously for Man United it is okay.

“It’s quite difficult when a top-class team like Man United has that defensive approach. You’re not going to get 20 chances. But we had enough, a big one in the first half, and a penalty on Phil (Coutinho), we were unlucky.”

“You need a little bit of luck. I saw it in the game so I thought the referee could see it also, but it’s too early for this.

“I’m happy with big parts of the performance. I said to the boys that we have already decided to take the hard way by joining Liverpool, so we have the hard way. Let’s carry on.

“We’ve only lost one Premier League game, it’s not what we want but obviously everyone could see we are not miles away from Manchester United, even if they’ve got a few more points”.

United failed to replicate the attacking threat which has propelled them to the top of the Premier League and, asked if he was frustrated with Mourinho’s tactics, Klopp added: “It’s not my right to feel frustrated with the way they played.

“I’m sure he could not do that at Liverpool. That’s how it is, whether it is okay in Manchester is not for me to judge, it’s all okay.

“We have to think about our performance and situation and it’s not worse. We wanted to win, everyone could see that, we were working for it, all the subs were quite offensive and there were a lot of brilliant individual performances in a difficult game.”