Cerezo: Camp Nou applauded us when we won La Liga

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The game at the Wanda between Atletico and Barcelona arrived amid political tension about the potential succession of Catalonia.

However Atletico president tried to lower the tension.

Cerezo said on Onda Cero: “We have been living through politically complicated weeks, above all in Barcelona, but I think our fans are aware that politics is one thing and a game of football is something else.

“As a club we just think about sports and have no reason to get into political issues, especially given the current climate. This is a football game, not a political demonstration, which happens elsewhere.

“We want to play against Barcelona with the usual sporting spirit. Atletico won La Liga at the Camp Nou and the whole stadium applauded us. You can’t forget that.

“The fans are going to watch a game of football, a sporting spectacle, with their family and friends. They are not going to a political rally.”