5 Players To Watch Out For In The Match Between Germany and Colombia

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The Under 17 World Cup will now go to the Knockout stage. The round of 16 is going to be started from tomorrow. Germany vs Colombia will be one of the most mouth watering matches in the round of 16 fixtures. Here are the 5 players to watch out for in the match :

1. Jann Fierte Arp (Germany) :

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The player had already registered his first ever goal in the World cup, Jann Arp has a whole tournament to play for and move his tally to a higher number. But this time he will wish to stay sharp and stop squandering opportunities like the ones he did against Costa Rica. Nevertheless, he is a hot talent from his nation and has a sparkling future ahead to be one of the greats like Miroslav Klose and Thomas Muller.

2. Elias Abouchabaka (Germany) :

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The main supply line to provide balls for Arp, Abouchabaka is a man linking brilliance. Original native from Cameroon, this 17 year old is a perfect example of a box to box midfielder. His support will surely help German forward line to attain goals.

3. Noah Awuku (Germany) :

He had made his start to the campaign by scoring a late winner against Costa Rica, Awuku would like to take matters on his hand if Arp fails to emerge on big occasion.

4.Jaminton Campaz (Colombia) :

Jaminton Campaz (born 24 May 2000) is a Colombian football player who plays as forward for Deportes Tolima in Categoría Primera A.

He has already made four first-team league appearances for club side Deportes Tolima and will be expected to carry the heavy burden of leading the Colombian attack this tournament. He starred with three goals for Colombia in the 2017 South American U17 Championship in Chile and his coach will be hoping he continues his goalscoring touch in India as well.

5. Juan Sebastián Peñaloza (Colombia) :

Colombian outfit is usually seen keeping possession of the ball for most of the game and is also known for their quick touches. In addition to this, the defensive forces form a formidable part of the squad, thanks to their height and remarkable aerial strength. Juan Sebastian Penaloza will be a very important player in the defense for Columbia to perform well in the under 17 World Cup.