Heynckes claim Bayern squad to be better than the one he left

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Jupp Heynckes has returned to Bayern Munich replacing Carlos Ancelotti atleast until the end of the season.The 72 year old knows a thing or two about bringing back trophies to Bavaria,winning the treble of Bundesliga,DFB Cup and UEFA Champions league in 2013.However in his earliest interview taking on the Bayern has some controversial words coming from the manager himself.

The former Bayern manager claims that the squad losing cups for the last few season is better than the one four years back.Currently a number of aging players,retirement of big names,failed transfers are adding to the woes in Allianz Arena.

Heynckes’ Bayern in his most recent stint as coach was arguably one of the strongest squads ever assembled at the Bayern. Bastian Schweinsteiger and Philipp Lahm were still in their primes. Toni Kroos was yet to go Real Madrid; and alongside Manuel Neuer, Jerome Boateng and Thomas Müller, the Bayern of 2013 boasted six players who started – and won – the 2014 FIFA World Cup final against Argentina in Brazil the season after Heynckes’ last departure.

It is pretty interesting for the critics and the fans to think how he claimed the current squad to be better than the champion team of 2013.

“I looked into their training and how the players participated,I like that”, he said.

“Obviously the treble winning team we trained was much better, but that will come now too.”

“In the past four seasons Bayern had a much better squad than in the treble-winning one.Ofcourse we have that now too.”

Only time will tell whether such words were words of pride or too much confidence.As for now the fans can only hope all goes in the right way.

Heynckes also added about the current squad analyzing their situation.

“”Juventus have reached two Champions League finals in recent years with an average age of around 30,” he said. “Age is not relevant.”

“”Some players need to take more responsibility, first of all with performances, but also how they interact with the team.”

“The handicap is,that Manuel Neuer is out,he is the number keeper in the world.And about Frank Ribery,if he is fit,he will perform.I am confident about that.”

Bayern will play their next match against SC Freiburg in front of their home crowd.They will be seeking to regain their glory after sloppy start this season.