Missing the Sink : KOMAL THATAL

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Komal Thatal had portrayed the dreams of the Indian footballing fraternity with his display against the USA in the very first game for the Blue Colts. His nimble footwork did not always get the things better but one the few occasions it did, the results left the Indian fans in awe – although the end product was missing.

The man from Sikkim would, however, see his last action in that very game as Indian coach Luis Norton de Matos opted to not play the blonde-headed winger in the next two games – which took many by surprise.

After the Ghanaian onslaught as India went down 4-0 in their final group match of U17 WC , When asked about the decision, DeMatos got a bit irritated and stated that it was a purely tactical decision.

“First thing I always say is that I don’t talk about individuals. However, if you think Komal (Thatal) would do well against 5’10”, 5’11” defenders of Colombia and Ghana, then you would be a very good coach.” And he added “The reality is that we are far behind in quality of such teams, hence we need to play an organised system.”

Komal Thatal

The eyes of all the Football fans all over the India was at the first ever world cup of the country where Thatal had caught the imagination of the country after creating a few moments of magic on the left wing.

However, what was evident was Lindsey – on most of the occasions – was too good for Thatal and his lack of sheer pace and physicality led to Matos dropping him from the side. Whilst Thatal has been a standout for India in this age group – having scored the most number of goals for the county at this level – this has been a huge learning experience for not only Thatal but also most of the Indian youngsters.

The journey has just started to take off. This team has a great a prospering future ahead. The road is tough but the future only can get better !