U17 coach Matos view his Portugal’s qualifying story as the mode of inspiration

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Luiz Norton De Matos want to lead his example of his nation Portugal’s qualification to the world cup as a inspiring tale to help the U17 national team of India to regain confidence ahead of their important group stage game against Ghana.

Portugal defeated Switzerland in the last qualifying game and directly booked themselves in the World cup next year.
Matos explained his nation’s fight till the end to qualify for one of Sport’s mega event held in Russia next year. He said it was a dream to come true and likewise he wants to put another dream into reality to help India escape the group stages by beating the Afro nation Ghana.

He said in the press conference,” My nation Portugal entered the 2018 world cup as group winners. One of my dream is thus fulfill. My next dream would be helping India to snatch points against Ghana and move to the next round.”

The U17 national side played a very good game against Colombia allowing the team to recover stamina and willingness to fight more. Matos indicated this as the stepping stone of development.

” Portugal once felt the same congestion to those of India are facing now. Luis Figo, Usabio, Rui Costa and Cristiano Ronaldo then triggered the development of the nation. Similarly, the U17 national team will lead the line for youngsters to make a progressive future ahead. Our team consists the material to create the new forces of Indian football. This is a long term innovative approach in country’s total development for football. “

The Indian team still carry a chance to qualify as the best third placed team if they are to beat Ghana tonight with two goals. However, they need to rely on the results of the other group game of USA and Colombia and will wish for the Americans to win.

Questioned on the defensive regiment they produced in the previous two game he said,” This is not new at all. Remember we conceded 5 times even keeping ourselves disciplined at the back. But we will strike against Ghana with our actual strength. This is the fight for our survival in the competition. If we want to look beyond group stages, we have to beat them. And also keep a keen watch on the other fixture.”