Oscar unrevealed his reason to reject offers from Atletico Madrid and join Shanghai SIPG

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The former Chelsea player made a tough decision to move to China after rejecting jealous bids from Atletico and Juventus in search of assisting financial payment by playing in the country’s domestic league.

Finding his time limited at the English club, the Brazilian finally decided to leave the Stamford bridge and in a quite unfamiliarly join Chinese team SIPG even after getting the chance to play at some other European league.
He later explained the reason behind all this in a interview casted in his hotel.

He used his emotions in his face while he spoked, “Every football player, or every person who works, wants to earn money to help their families. I came from a social background in Brazil that is very poor. We didn’t have anything. This is the fruit of my work and when I earn this, it is because I conquered it. The same way I came here, I will be able to return to Europe. Whatever decision I make, somebody will talk good or bad about it.”

Oscar also identified that financial problem provoked him to join CSL.

“All the foreign players who come here are at a really high level. China has incredible financial power and sometimes makes offers that players can’t refuse. But, as we’ve seen with Paulinho moving to Barcelona- the players on our team – like myself, Hulk and Elkeson have enough quality to return to Europe.”

The forward then exclaimed that he may still return to Europe after completing his task in China.

“I hope that in two or three years’ time – or when my contract here ends and I have helped the team to win titles – I could go back to a big team in Europe. Because what I like most is to play at a high level. When I was talking with Shanghai, I was talking to big clubs from Europe as well. There was Atlético Madrid, who I almost joined. I liked them very much and what they were offering me at that time. There was also Juventus, Inter and AC Milan. I had some options but I opted for Shanghai. Afterwards I can still return to Europe. When I made the decision to come here, I was thinking more of my family than of my career. I had other very good offers from big teams in Europe. But I thought a little more of my family, and after that – I am still young – I can return.

Asked about his career in England with Chelsea, he answered,”I arrived very early in Europe. I arrived at the age of 19, 20 and remained at Chelsea for five years. I won two Premier League titles. I played a lot – and I won a championship with Brazil, too. So, although I left very young, I also started very young. I can also think of returning afterwards too. This is in the future, which nobody knows, but right now I am very happy to have made this decision.

He also wishes to be the member of the integral squad of the national team once again having featured largely in the previous on in 2014 on home soil.

“Of course, it would be much better to be a part of the Brazil national team. Moving here made that more difficult as I don’t have the same visibility as when I played in Europe, but my level of football is the same. This is a decision for the coach of the national team, to do what’s best for Brazil.

Oscar also pointed out that it is beyond the power of CSL to reach the level of premier league.

“It’s almost impossible for the Chinese super league to reach the level of the Premier League. Not only for China, but also leagues like Spain – which has Real Madrid and Barcelona – to get to the level of the Premier League is very difficult. In the Premier League every team is very good. That’s why it’s very difficult to reach that level.”