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Germany and Iran both go into this game securing three points in their start to the U17 World cup and will be trying to qualify to the next round as group stage winners.

Germany had a shaky beginning with Noah Awuku had to live late to grab the winner for his nation in their 2-1 victory over Costa Rica. They are desperate to upgrade themselves to earn more points against Iran but that would surely to be a hard test to complete. Germany contain some fantastic emerging talents with plenty of options to bolster the squad. The team looks good in holding possession on the ball but need to prove more in defense which surrendered itself to the brilliance from Andres Gomez’s finishing in the previous game. The Germans has two jewels of a forward upfront waiting to pounce on high crosses and winning passes.

But the highly esteemed Iranian starting 11 has one of the terrifying midfield powers of the U17 level. In their 3-1 win over Guinea, the midfield made a strong organization leaving no space for the African nation to progress in the game. Germany may also see the face of danger late with Iranian wingers looking lethal in their attack. Iran will be up to use the weaken phases of the Costa Rica game to make something happen against the giants of Europe.

5 Players to watch out for:
1. Jann Fierte Arp (Germany)– Already registered his first ever goal in the World cup, Jann Arp has a whole tournament to play for and move his tally to a higher number. But this time he will wish to stay sharp and stop squandering opportunities like the ones he did against Costa Rica. Nevertheless, he is a hot talent from his nation and has a sparkling future ahead to be one of the greats like Miroslav Klose and Thomas Muller.

2. Elias Abouchabaka (Germany)– The main supply line to provide balls for Arp, Abouchabaka is a man linking brilliance. Original native from Cameroon, this 17 year old is a perfect example of a box to box midfielder. His support will surely help German forward line to attain goals.

3. Noah Awuku (Germany)– Made his start to the campaign by scoring a late winner against Costa Rica, Awuku would like to take matters on his hand if Arp fails to emerge on big occasion.

4. Allahyar Sayyad (Iran)– The dragon in the midfield, Sayyad is surely a player to watch out for in the Iranian squad. He can almost single handedly administer the midfield and plunged some crucial goals in the process. Iran becomes even more of a dominating country in attack for his improvising character.

5. Mohammed Sharifi (Iran)– To assist Sayyad in his job, Sharifi will either move back or charge forward to blind German markers. He is one of the intelligent squad member to move about in the penalty area and sneak in goals. He will also play the wingers in wide spaces to create chances.