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Both nation enter into this fixture of Group C with empty bag of points. The two suffered opening day defeats and are desperate to outcast each other to stay in the race of U17 world cup.

Costa Rica put up a gallant effort against Germany at Goa but tumbled to a late grasp winner by Awaku who made it 2-1 of the night. They displayed a wonderful style of play almost snatching the ground out of Germany’s feet but ultimately failed to stop them from scoring. They face a relatively easier opponents on Tuesday in the form of Guinea who themselves were beaten by Iran with a man send off at the last instance. Costa Rica’s problem will however remain at the back.

Guinea are one of the underdogs of the tournament but they can still manage to cause trouble to world powers. Their defense is weak at the moment but that can be rectified if the African nation contribute immensely going forward.

Here is the summary of all the 5 players that can make this game a mouth watering show at Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru stadium.

1. Ricardo Montenegro (Costa Rica)- Costa Rica’s saviour Ricardo Montenegro is turning to be one of the world’s finest fort guard at his age. The keeper was in the pick of the action when he had to put his gloves in stake to parry away dangerous efforts on goal by the Germans. Montenegro showed a remarkable character under the three sticks in the opening game against Germany. He almost let his nation to earn a point in the game but could not resist the winning goal at the death. If Costa Rica are to survive in the long race, his gloves can provide the difference in the upcoming venues.

2. Josue Abarca (Costa Rica)- His stifling crosses and accurate run up in the first game caused the Germans headache to track him all the game, Joshue Abarca is the coal to the midfield engine of his nation. The Costa Rican is one of the limelights in tge squad and at U17 level it is best regards for him to play such a quality football. It will be hard for Guinea to stick him in one place because his creativity from the right and towards the middle can split up the African nation’s defense.

3. Andres Gomez (Costa Rica)- undoubtedly, Andres Gomez is turning to be one of the productive strikers of the tournament leading the front line with his immaculate speed and talent. His class finish against Germany indicated his future plans to become one of nation’s relevant strikers. At U17 level, he has made glimpses of maturity with the ball control. Gomez can be one of the youngsters of the competition and will ready to haunt any nation who comes in his way.

4. Ibrahima Soumah (Guinea)- with Cherif Camara out of the picture due to his straight red card in the previous game, Soumah could turn to be all important defensive blocker. The most exciting part to his game is that the defender behaves like a defender. His strong mentality helps him not to shift from his concentration level. That would prove vital in stopping Costa Rica’s attacking mindset.

5.Djirbril Fandje Toure (Guinea)- But only one man capable of turning things around will be Fandje Toure. The 17 year old has a great skill with his feet, running riot in the defense contributing distinct passes around the penalty area. He was the best performer for his side in the 3-1 defeat against Iran on the opening day and scored a breath taking conciliation after striking the post when the score was 0-0. This are aspects which makes Toure a dangerous striker to watch out for. Guinea if want to snatch away points from the North American nation they must rely on his goal hungry behavior.