Is this the worst miss in football history?

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On the 7th of October, 2017, people in Harkema went to the De Bosk stadium to watch their side Harkemase Boys take on Capelle in the Derde Divisie, the highest division of amateur football in the Netherlands.

Nobody expected Dennis van Duinen, their team’s 20 year old midfielder to do what he did. It was one of the most remarkable feats ever.

He played pretty well to get on a 1v1 with the keeper, and eventually he found himself facing the goal, with no one between him and the net.

Even a 6 year old kid could’ve finished the chance, but not van Duinen. Instead of passing the ball into the net, or running with it over the line to be sure, he went for power and loop. All good if he would’ve found the net, but he didn’t. From 10 yards out.

No problem. His side was 2-0 into the second half, and he thought he would get away with it. But no. God wasn’t on his side, and Capelle rallied to win the match 3-2, the winning goal coming in the 95th minute.

The video can be seen below.