Germany vs Costa Rica: 5 players to watch out for.

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India’s grandest international tournament in the history of the nation, the U17 World cup has kicked off and whole of the world attention are now on the emerging players ready to become the next big names of the beautiful game.

Group C giants,Germany will be hoping to earn another major silverware.In this quest they first have to pave their way through Costa Rica’s challenge in their tournament opener. Having mastered the competition for four times, Germany entered this competition reaching the finals of the European championship earlier this year beaten by eventual champions Spain at the same level. The runners up place was never to be underestimated for the European powerhouse who are desperate to rebuild on their failure and leap for the U17 world cup.

Costa Rica are also tactically balanced and with their spirit uplifted they are ready to carry forward their impressive display of the qualifying stage into this major competition. They are ready to give severe test on the course of group stages and beyond. The side from North was a team to watch in the CONCACAF qualyfing round for the tournament. They won every game in the round defeating Cuba, Canada and Suriname with no mood to back off. Germany are one of the major obstacles in their way to the holy grail.

But neither of the success of both of nations mentioned would have pulled on a mighty level if their player failed to delivered at the right moment. Some of those players are going to feature in this mega event held in India. Though football is entirely a team game, individual brilliance and leadership becomes vital sometime. So this is the summary of top five players in this fixture to watch out for.


1. Jaan Fiete Arp(Germany)-The 17 year old lad was truly fantastic in the recent Euros.He almost single-handedly administered the attacking standard of his nation. The Hamburg SV youth prospect scored two hat-tricks in four matches in the Euros staged at Croatia. He also scored 36 goals in 44 appearances for his club in the U17 level. Saying so, he will surely be magnificent to watch in the World cup campaign.

2. Florian Baak(Germany)-An important character in the German defense, he is already playing in the senior side for his club Hertha Bsc. Making two starts in the Bundesliga this season he showed his maturity in intercepting passes and superior blocks and this made him eligible to play on higher level.

3. Julen Cordero(Costa Rica)– One of the nation’s finest young prospect wearing the no 9 shirt, Julen is the main anchor in the midfield. His positional discipline gives the extra bit of power to his team.

4. Jose Alfaro(Costa Rica)– Camelita forward Alfaro could turn into tournament’s most eligible player with his quality finishing and can also deserve credit for his perspective vision to track his teammate’s run into opposition area.

5. Andres Gomez(Costa Rica)– Gomez along with Alfaro had caught the eye in Costa Rica’s exclusive performance in the qualifying round. The pair will again show piece their talent in much biger stage. Both can notch important goals whenever required.