Germany start their U-17 World Cup journey with win

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Germany grab late winner against Costa Rica through Noah Awuku’s strike to kick start their world cup campaign.

Costa Rica were left disheartened by a late minute strike from the substitute Noah Awuku to begin Germany’s campaign in the U17 world cup on a winning note at Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru stadium in Goa. The European nation stroke first in the 21st minute through a cool finish by Jann Fiere Arp, already making his mark in the tournament. Andres Gomez equalised for Costa Rica in 64th minute but had to put down their sword two minutes from time, Awuku’s goal which Montenegro failed to palm out.

Germany hold control of the ball throughout the match but Costa Rica never backed down to examine their talents against the giants. They are one looking to take the lead from the very start. In the opening minute, Josue Abarca’s brilliance on the right caused the goalkeeper to leave his post but unfortunately Alfaro made the miss of the season taking it too casual to hit the empty net and ballooning over the crossbar. That would have made the game much more difficult for Germany. Andres Gomez then went close but his header went wide in a chance which he should have converted. Quite Oblivious that Germany began to grow in the game using those early spun opportunities to their advantage. Ricardo Montenegro kept his held high at the other end of the pitch to keep his nation’s momentum going. But nothing he could have done for the opener of the game. Germany began to settle in their old rhythm and in the 21st minute Arp, the talented kid from Hamburger, cooly converted a Elias Abouchabaka to register his first ever goal in World cup. Slowly, Germany began to vision chances to crush down Costa Rica, the side from North now retreated from their attacking mood.

Germany kept more possession hold of the ball in the second half continuing to test Montenegro’s gloves. It is for him that Costa Rica avoided Germany to have the second bite of the cherry. That also allowed Alfaro and Gomez to make the next move which set the intensity of the game. In the 64th minute, a build up beyond their age was unleashed cracking hold of German defense. Alfaro chested down a long ball played from the mids placing it in the path of countering Gomez’s path whose matured finishing was worth praising. Alfaro paid his previous mistake by his clever assist for the second scoring of the night.

Germany were never to take lightly. Arp’s body structure and well organized play limitlessly terrorized the North Americans. Costa Rica could do nothing but rely on counters which they never managed to do afterwards. Arp came close once again but his drive in the 73rd minute whistled past the far post. Elias played well in the midfield but found his goal bounding effort tucked behind by the defensive block. Montenegro was busy collecting aerial balls intercepting through passes and scrambling to save Germany’s 6 of 8 shots on target.
At last tired defending all the time, Costa Rican back four slipped up helping Arp to go at goal once again. His deflected shot fell to unmarked Awuku in the 88th minute who tapped home though Montenegro got something on it.

Germany face Iran next in the atmosphere to gain more points to move beyond group stages while Costa Rica keep their nose of optimism up against African nation Guinea to recover their status.