Pique and Ramos together to start a new business project!

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Gerard Pique revealed during his press conference on Wednesday that he and his Madrid compatriot will be working together on their new business project.

According to MARCA reports the centre-back was referring to is titled ‘Power to the Players‘ and could be similar to ‘The Players’ Tribune’, an American website where sportspeople write their own articles and communicate their ideas in first person.

Cristiano Ronaldo, Ivan Rakitic, Marcelo and a number of US sports stars have all written on it, while Kobe Bryant announced his retirement using this platform.

It seems that Pique and Ramos are now launching a European-based version, following on from the Barcelona players promise earlier in the year to “launch a true and authentic media outlet”.

Gerard Pique himself said:

“The stuff about Sergio and me is all a lie. We have a phenomenal relationship and I would like if someday you see that. It’s easy that every now and again you say we get to together to sort things out, but there’s no need. We’re very close.”

Amidst the widespread disharmony of the surrounding the socio-political scenario of Catalonia and Spain, the clasping hands of these two highly polarising characters who represent two ideologies, will be a unique message to the rest.