Mohun Bagan to sign eight players today

Photo: Mohun Bagan
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Mohun Bagan have already begun their preparations for the I-League. Afyer failing to stop arch rivals East Bengal’s ‘Octa’ of Calcutta Football League, the I-League is now the target for the Green and Maroon. Although, before I-League, they would be participating in Sikkim Governor’s Gold pretty much as a practice tournament before getting into top flight football.

Before flying off to Gangtok, Bagan are strengthening their squad by registering a bunch of new players, thus giving final touch to their roster. According to sources, Mohun Bagan are going to register eight new players today in the office of Indian Football Association around 6:30 PM.

The name of the players are:

1) Shekh Faiaz
2) Sankar Roy
3) Dipendu Dowary
4) Rana Gharami
5) Aser Pierrick Dipanda Dicka
6) Diogo Ferreira
7) Yuta Kinowaki
8) Beingaicho Beikhokhei

The Green and Maroon would soon fly off off to Sikkim to take part in Governor’s Gold Cup under Shankarlal Chakraborty.