Choices between National strike and a Regional strike for Catalunya

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People in Barcelona will observe a strike on Tuesday,October 3.”National strike” will be held after it was declared by the leader of the Òmnium Cultural organization Jordi Kuishar during the rally in Barcelona.
“Tuesday, October 3, general strike in Catalonia. Everyone go out on this day in defense of the dignity of the Catalan people! “, he said.

“The day of the general strike is the day of protection of the national liberties of the Catalans.” According to the voting results, a majority 90.09% (2.262 million people) of the population said yes, 7.87% voted “no” (176.5 thousand people), 0.89% (20 thousand) spoiled the ballots, and 2.03% of the inhabitants of Catalonia left blank , but put it in the ballot box.

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The head of Catalonia also challenged the democracy and tolerance of government for violence against voters in a referendum on independence, which the central authorities in Madrid consider illegal.
The police used rubber bullets and heavy handed means against the voters, and also by force pulled residents from polling stations, using physical force. On the part of the police, 33 law enforcers along with a total of 844 people were injured.

The President of the Government of Catalonia Carles Puigemont announced the sovereignty of the territory,after the vote.

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No players will report to training on Tuesday, while the youth teams will also be allowed to stay at home.
Barcelona defender Gerard Pique said that playing in the match against Las Palmas was the worst experience of his career.

“By their own free will, the club’s employees all stopped what they were doing and left their workplaces for a quarter of an hour,” read a statement. “The same thing happened right across the FC Barcelona premises: in the club offices at Camp Nou, at La Masia, and also in the Miniestadi and Ciutat Esportiva.”