Mes Que un Club policy soon to be tested

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Tensions are rising all across Spain ahead of Sunday’s planned referendum vote on independence. There is uncertainty and animosity bubbling in the region, and there may be no turning back now.

The Spanish government sent police force to intervene in an attempt to prevent the referendum to free Catalunya since it was declared illegal by the nation’s ruling Partido Popular and president Mariano Rajoy.

Today as many Catalans were ready to vote for their future the government gave a heavy-handed approach which led to blood and injuries of many.Even the old men and women were not spared.

Peaceful protests have taken place so far in Barcelona, but anarchists and left-wing radicals are expected to travel to the Catalan capital from all over Europe. Meanwhile, right-wing Spaniards sang fascist songs, used fascist salutes and waved fascist flags in central Madrid on Saturday.

In the 17th minute of every match at Nou Camp, thousands of Barca fans call for independence, and last weekend in the Catalan derby at Girona, both sets of supporters chanted in unity for secession from Spain. The minute marks the Siege of Barcelona in 1714, which saw the end of Catalunya as a principality and a political power.

More than 300 years have passed by since then, yet the desire for independence from Spain is perhaps stronger than ever. And all of the Catalan clubs apart from Espanyol (in action away to Real Madrid on Sunday) have come out to supports their citizens’ right to vote this weekend.

Former Barca defender Oleguer, now a politician in Catalunya, branded Spain a “militarised state” in an interview with Goal ahead of the referendum, while former president Joan Laporta and Pep Guardiola has also called for independence.

Current players and authorities of Barcelona board have remained more diplomatic, yet Barca did release a statement in favour of the vote and Gerard Pique urged Catalans to turn out in Sunday’s ballot via his Twitter account. “Let’s express ourselves peacefully,” he wrote. “Let’s not give them any excuse. That’s what they want. Let’s sing loud and strong. We will vote.”

Barcelona legend Xavi Hernandez had his say on the current situation.

“To all people trying to peacefully exercise their right to vote,” he began.

“What is happening in Catalonia today is a shame.

“It is inadmissible that in a democratic country people cannot vote.

“Visca Catalunya.”