FC Barcelona’s more than a club policy will be tested as they back the people for Catalan independence

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Barcelona have backed local authority institutions following the latest attempts from Spanish central government to stop a Catalonia sovereignty referendum on October 1st.

In its attempts to prevent Catalonia from holding an independence referendum planned for Oct. 1, the Catalan Ministries were raided and at least 13 officials were arrested.

The club will follow it’s Mes que un club policy to stand in the forefront of calls of independence from Spain as seen in Champions League matches and in fact display of Catalan flags has led to punishment from UEFA.

Barcelona have always said that they want free speech to be exercised and planned to take the case to CAS before an agreement was reached with UEFA.

The club has promised to stay by its people’s defence and the nation,democracy,right to speech thus remaining faithful to its historic commitment off the football ground.

The support will be provided to all Catalan people and any sort of resolve or protests will be done in a civil and peaceful way.

The club’s anthem is played before every game at the Camp Nou and the club say “the words perfectly depict the values of supporting Barca, especially the spirit of welcoming outsiders into Catalan society — a spirit that is reflected all the way through the Club membership.”

According to El Pais in English, 14 people were arrested, 11 of whom are Catalan state officials, including the services director to the vice premier, Natalia Garriga.