Match Review: Genoa CF vs S.S. Lazio

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A goal flurry evening in which Lazio stoke late once more to overcome Genoa’s challenge

Ciro Immobile became the ultimate rescuer once more as Lazio had to wait for his late double to continue their season unbeaten uptil now.

The scoreline quite astonishingly was the photocopy of the scoreboard on Thursday evening against Vitesse in the Europa league. The performance too made the fans to screen a exact replay of that game.

Inzaghi was in constant pressure after such a poor display still struggling to mend his defense properly.

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Genoa were poised to set their glory record against Lazio once more but lose their ground. But they will surely take much positivism from this game in the season ahead and to lift from their misery.

Lazio were looking to wash hands off the game easily as early as 13 minutes when Bastos gave the away side much deserved lead. That strike ignited spark in the attack and Lazio began to dominate throughout 1st half but they never score before the break.

That unstable lead caused extra amount of pressure on Lazio’s defense and what happened later led to a crisis. Genoa uplifted their spirit with the mindset to bring something to their part. They did so through Pellegrino’s equiliser. Some care less defending allowed Pelligrino pave his way to perfection in 57th minute.

It was up to Immobile again to turn back Lazio’s faith. He wholeheartedly accepted his authority given by the coach coming up with descent finish to leave the scoreline 2-1 with 20 minutes to play still.

Genoa were not sloth at this dying moments with a bit of pace allowed Pellegrino arrived with his second. A gem of a goal to equalise again and to force the Romanians to think more.

That was not surely not all. Genoa were upstreaming and were hunting to snatch all three points but the devil at their earnest Ciro Immobile torn their hearts gaining his second reward of the night to make it 3-2 seven minutes from time.

Serie A will be back with midweek fixtures which can change the mood of giant killers. One of those toppers is in the form of Napoli’s trip to Stade Olympico where Inzaghi will be sitting with headache pills.