Referees’ Association tells IFA they would not officiate Mohun Bagan’s matches!

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The allegations by Mohun Bagan Officials and the supporters of the club regarding partialty of IFA and mal-officiating by the referees have been in the air for the past few days. As it seems, the Referees’ Association has seen it enough and now they are in a mood to hit back.

According to sources, Chitto Das, the President of CRA has made it clear to IFA that CRA Referees are not willing to officiate matches of Mohun Bagan due to the allegations imposed upon them by the club officials. The comments from the Bagan officials against the match officials reached its peak after the match between East Bengal and Pathachakra where according to Bagan officials the referee was biased and gave the Red and Gold a penalty which was not just.

After such a series of insulting statements from the top officials of Green and Maroon, CRA have hinted that they would not be involved in the matches of Bagan. Mohun Bagan is still having three matches left in CFL-Mohammedan Sporting, Peerless and East Bengal. If CRA finally confirms their stand then IFA will be in a big trouble to finish CFL this season. They may have to hire referees from outside in that case.

Reactions from Utpal Ganguly, the IFA Secretary has yet not arrived who is already in jeopardy regarding the alleged Match-fixing issue in Calcutta Football League. Amidst all these doldrums, if this stand by CRA finally sees the light of reality then that would give rise to an unprecedented scenario and would send the Calcutta Football League in the clouds of uncertainty.