Mizoram Futsal League Playoff to start from September 19

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The Mizoram Football Association will organise a Futsal League playoff from the 19th of this month. This playoff will determine the 16 teams who will play in the inaugural MFA Futsal League.

25 Teams have signed up for the Futsal League playoff from which 16 teams will qualify for the League which will be played in January.

The MFA is implementing Futsal in accordance with regulations from FIFA, Asian Football Confederation and All India Football Federation and will take necessary measure to ensure players and officials adhere to these regulations. Failure to comply will result in the MFA Futsal Committee taking disciplinary actions.

MFA Futsal League Playoff

The 25 teams registered for the Futsal League Playoffs are divided in to two group of 13 and 12. Group A will comprise of 13 teams while Group B will have 12.
Representatives of each team have already selected the pot in which their teams will be playing.

The top 8 teams in each group will qualify to play the FUtsal League, while the remaining team will be eligible for MFA Futsal Division I.