The most famous ‘Pandava’ of the ‘Pancha-Pandavas’ falls

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‘Pancha-Pandavas’, whenever the fanatics of Kolkata football hear this word they associate with it to the five great players of East Bengal back in the late thirties and early forties of the last century, who took the Red and Gold brigade to new heights of glory.

The ‘Pancha-Pandavas’ have been immortalised and have become like a fable to the subsequent generations. Well, today is really a sad day in Indian football as arguably the most famous of the ‘Pandavas’ Ahmed Khan has breathed his last few hours ago!

Ahmed Khan was a stylish striker, pretty much of a modern day playmaker. His exploits have attained cult status in Kolkata football and even rival club legends like Subrata Bhattacharya has admitted that he grew up listening about the heroics of the great man.

Ahmed Khan has been suffering from age-related diseases for the past few years. Today saw the ultimatum of it as the legend has breathed his last at Bengaluru marking the end of a remarkable life!

It was only a year or so ago when Mehtab Hossain went to meet Ahmed Khan at his residence while on tour with the club and also felicitated him on behalf of the club. With the turn of year East Bengal has lost both Mehtab from the team and now Ahmed Khan from the world!