Larsing Ming shows his backing behind the new Shillong Lajong Head-Coach

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Shillong Lajong FC Managing Director, Mr. Larsing Ming Sawyan speaks about Alison Kharsyntiew’s role as the Head Coach of Lajong in the SPL.

“Alison is the first coach in the history of the Shillong Premier League (SPL) to lead an under 19 team to SPL Championship (2014). This year he has been placed with a similar responsibility of guiding the next Generation of Lajong in the Shillong Premier League.

Alison will be guided this time by Bobby Nongbet and Birendra Thapa who have been part of the Lajong Development System since I took over the management and operations of Lajong a decade and a half back.

We are now entering the third phase (cycle) of Lajong Youth Development and our endeavor is to better the first two with this batch of youngsters. Exciting and challenging times ahead.

We appeal to the Lajong faithfuls to be patient and provide full and wholehearted support to our own both in the SPL and the I-League.”

Alison Kharsyntiew who has been acting as the Youth Team coach of Shillong Lajong previously gave the team the Shillong Premier League Trophy back in 2014.