Kerala Football Association moves in a ‘Non Co-operative’ mode to Reliance Foundation

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IMG-R, this name has become intensely entangled with almost every major activity in Indian football in current times. If you would ever have heard the term ‘Power behind the throne’, then this agency or group of companies is epitomising that appropriately by being the decision maker in Indian football from behind the scenes, bringing down AIFF often as a voo-doo.

The occasional spats and parallel rifts with the orthodox administrative bodies and IMG-R often becomes evident but hardly anyone raise their voice or issue any circular against any activity of them.

But in the state of Kerala, the governing body of football in the state has pretty much decided to flow against the tide. The Kerala Football Association has issued a circular making it clear that they will go in a ‘Non Co-operative’ in a recent project by Reliance in the state, also urging their daughter association to refrain from it.

kerala football association

The circular issued early today said: “We wish to bring to your kind attention that Reliance Foundation Youth Sports is planning to conduct an interschool football tournament across Kerala in association with Prodigy Sportz without any official communication to Kerala Football Association in this regard. Hence we hereby direct our District Football Association to not offer any support (Technical or Otherwise) to the aforementioned tournament untill an official communication is received by Kerala Football Association on this matter.”

For those who remember, the scenario carries a certain characteristic resemblance to the ICL V BCCI controversy few years ago. The effort of creating a parallel league by Zee Group was not taken positively by the governing body of Indian Cricket and they stood on a Non Co-operative stand imposing several regulations upon the participants of the league.

This situation although is not of much considerable magnitude at the moment but may be indicating the pre-mature stage of a possible power shift in Indian football.

Although there’s liberty of any agency to conduct football tournament anywhere anywhere in India but not feeling the urgency of acquring proper permission from the related authority is surely a matter of concern.

Although the situation is in primitive stage and it remains to be seen whether Reliance Foundation conveys any message to KFA, but the current scenario can be considered as the initiation of many such things to come in near future, probably.