Bonucci and Biglia yet not registered Milan players due to banking compulsions

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According to reports in Italy, Banco BPM has rejected Milan’s guarantee to access financial bonds.

Milan’s guarantees involved in the signing of Leonardo Bonucci and Lucas Biglia have been rejected by Banco BPM.

AC Milan signed Leonardo Bonucci and Lucas Biglia last month for €42m and €17m respectively, but while their contracts have been deposited with the Lega Serie A, their contracts are yet to be registered, preventing either player from representing the Rossoneri. If both these signings are not valid then both the players will be forced to return to their previous clubs.

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Serie A clubs have to register players for the upcoming season by August 11th, and the Rossoneri were hoping that Banco BPM would cover them with regard to these two acquisitions. However, CEO Marco Fassone assured that the requisite bond will be deposited on or by August 11.

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According to calcioefinanza, AC Milan have two ways to register the signing of Bonucci. The first one is to release some of the assets given to Elliott and “turn” them as a counter-guarantee to the bank or to find an international bank that can give the guarantees for the signing of the two AC Milan stars