MFA to inaugurate Futsal League in Mizoram from January

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Futsal is a game which is getting prominently highlighted by several global football administrating bodies. The Asian Football Confederation is no exception to it. The elite body of football administration in Asia is trying to spread the sport to the remotest parts of the continent.

India has also witnessed some Futsal action via the highly commercialized domestic Futsal League-Premier Futsal, where several big names took part. But this time as it seems several states of the country are taking the initiative themselves.

The Futsal Committee under the Mizoram Football Association is forming a proper Futsal League in the state, with the first Mizoram Futsal League season planned to take place during January and February next year.

The inaugural Futsal League will be played initially by 16 teams. These 16 teams will be eligible to play after qualifying via Playoffs.

The Futsal Committee has setup a Futsal Study Group and it is currently working in tandem with the group in undertaking Futsal in Mizoram. The Futsal League will be played under FIFA Futsal rules, and the AIFF will also closely monitor Futsal in Mizoram and aid in its further development.

The Mizoram Futsal League Playoff is planned to be played in September 2017. Registration will commence from the month of August. Participating teams are required to follow mandatory criteria set up by the Mizoram Football Association.

Futsal Match Official

The MFA will send two representatives at the Futsal Seminar which will be conducted in New Delhi by the Asian Football Confederation in August.

The MFA Futsal Committee will also organise a Futsal Match Official Training in the month of August to ensure Futsal in Mizoram is conducted according to FIFA Futsal rules. It will also organise a seminar on Futsal in the future.