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Messi’s Argentina to get World Cup Qualification help?

Chile to get 2 points deducted which they got from Bolivia match, Argentina to get benefited through it.

At Present, Argentina lie precariously in 5th place which is not the automatic qualification spot to the World Cup of 2018, they might have to play a playoff in order to reach Russia. But according to some sources, it may change as Chile who got 2 points awarded earlier in the qualification campaign through Bolivia’s mistake could get deducted now.

Though nothing isn’t confirmed sources suggest that the appeal which 5 nations – Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay and Colombia lodged in CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) against the awarding of points to Chile is successful and the previous decision may be reversed.

How did Chile get those 2 points in the 1st place?

Bolivia fielded Nelson Cabrera who was an ineligible player in their 2-0 win over Peru and goalless draw with Chile. In both cases he featured from the bench and despite the player representing his Nation(Bolivia) in the Copa America it came to be known that the Paraguayan born featured for the Guaranì in a friendly in 2007 and he didn’t have the 5year continuous residence in another country to be eligible to play for that country rule of FIFA.

FIFA’s disciplinary code dictated that Chile and Peru both will get 3-0 wins and Bolivia will be hit with a fine. Bolivia’s qualification hopes were already over but the three points to Chile and Peru were a lifeline to both but Argentina’s qualification hope got hindered.

However, Peru and Chile did not place their appeals to CONMEBOL within 24 hours of the match and the rule is to appeal within that. This is also a factor taken into consideration by CAS.

CAS after hearing the appeals from the 5 nations may now apply a mixed sanction, i.e. Bolivia will not gain back any points deducted and the fine will also remain but Peru and Chile’s extra 3 and 2 points respectively will get deducted.

The official announcement may be on August before the next round of Qualifiers take place.

Argentine Football Association (AFA) president Claudio Tapia had sounded confident after their mixed appeal:

“We hope to reverse this dubious decision. Hopefully, they’ll take the 2 points away from Chile and the qualifiers can go back to normal”.

After the overturning of Lionel Messi’s suspension, this could be another success for Tapia and the AFA.

Hope of qualification of Argentina will surely get a boost if this happens.