“Why Juventus players are happy with the sales of Alves and Bonucci?”

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“Juventus players seem to be happy after the sales of Dani Alves and Leonardo Bonucci.”

Brazilian right-back Alves mutually terminated his contract at Juventus after just one season at the Old Lady whereas Italian centre-back Leonardo Bonucci was sold to their rivals AC Milan.

But the sales of these two players have made Juventus camp more united than before as expressed by Mario Mandzukic.

Why the offloading of Dani Alves and Leonardo Bonucci are a blessing in disguise for Juventus?

Mario Mandžukić made a shocking admission to SpazioMilan.it: “I want to intervene to silence the rumours of an ugly atmosphere inside the Juve locker room.”

“It was simply Bonucci and Dani Alves to have created this chaos and, fortunately, with their sales, everything will become calm again.

“They were the ones who had a row during the Final and it’s simply because they have diametrically opposed personalities. Leo and Dani would argue all the time and, on the day of the Final, we simply watched another of their many dramas.

“As soon as we got into the locker room, everyone had treated this like a normal game with just three points up for grabs, or at least that’s how it seemed. So we expected Dani Alves to do his usual routine of putting on the Radio Party Groove music in the locker room while we were getting changed.

“This time, though, he didn’t stop there. He went over the top, playing Samba Do Janeiro at full volume as if he wanted to break our eardrums and then started dancing like there was no tomorrow.

“I thought he was being stupid, but ignored him and went to my locker. Leo didn’t, as for him, the Champions League was an obsession.

“He went up to Dani and said he’d break his legs in three seconds if he didn’t turn off that music. Obviously, a row erupted and it just kept going, until Dani Alves said that if he lost the Final, he’d still have three Champions League trophies in his locker, whereas Bonucci had none.

“At that point, everyone turned around scandalised. I’ve won the Champions League, but I’d never dare say something like that. We shouldn’t even have thought about the eventuality of defeat.

“Then Leo grabbed Dani by the throat and, as he was about to punch him, Max (Allegri) divided them and took a decision of a real leader: he said he didn’t care who started it, but at the end of the game they’d both get kicked out.

“It was the wisest decision ever made. Now, the group is calm and united again, without the annoying bragging of Leo and the usual Brazilian pain in the neck of Dani, who would never let us just get changed and focus.”

Dani Alves has terminated his contract and has joined PSG whereas Bonucci has decided to stay in Italy, so he joined AC Milan for a €42 million fee.