Srinjoy Bose denies reports of Bagan seeking help from Ganguly to feature in ISL

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The reports of the Kolkata giants East Bengal and Mohun Bagan seeking help from Sourav Ganguly, the co-owner of Kolkata franchise of ISL to make the path of them featuring in ISL smoother has recently been the centre of attention.

According to sources, Srinjoy Bose, the Assistant Secretary of Bagan and Debabrata Sarkar, the Secretary of East Bengal had a meeting with Ganguly in CAB(Cricket Association of Bengal) office. Ganguly, who is also the President of CAB, told in an interview in a few days ago that he wants East Bengal and Mohun Bagan to feature in ISL, much contrary to his previous stands.

Observing the modified stand of the ATK co-owner, the officials decided to have a meeting with him as Debabrata Sarkar said,”Sourav told that he would want to help East Bengal and Mohun Bagan and after knowing that we decided to meet him.”

But after the news of them meeting with Ganguly arrived, it only added to the contradiction in the stands of these two clubs. Realising the situation, Srinjoy Bose posted in his Facebook timeline, the gist of which is that he clearly denies the reports of Bagan seeking any kind of assistance from Ganguly.

The post of Bose read :

“I would like to clear certain things about my meeting with Saurav Ganguly at Eden Gardens.

I went to meet Saurav along with eminent lawyer Mr. Milon Mukherjee who is organising a cricket tournament in Kolkata involving 17 High Courts and Supreme Court of India during November and December 2017. On the request of Mr. Milon Mukherjee i yesterday called Saurav to fix this meeting.

The meeting had nothing to do with ISL participation. I would also like to put on record that I have not requested or asked Saurav to fix any meeting with ISL. If Mohun Bagan plays in ISL they will play with their own merits and on their own conditions.

I would also like to say that whatever representatives of other clubs are saying does not reflect my views or of my club. Mohun Bagan has been serving Indian football for the last 128 years and will continue to serve for centuries to come.”

Although the Bagan Assistant Secretary is reluctant to admit the issue, but the whole incident once again clarifies that the urge of the Kolkata giants of featuring in IMG-R’s cash rich baby ISL is increasing with every passing day.