John Terry’s Sleepless Nights

Photo: Aston Villa
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The 36-year-old revealed to the  Birmingham Mail that the final decision to move to Villa Park was not straightforward as he said: “I pretty much wasn’t sleeping. I was up early and going for runs pretty early in the morning and late at night”.

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“I just couldn’t find a solution. Then I spoke to a couple of people and they said: ‘Just don’t think about it for three to four days and it will come to you.”

“And it did – so great advice from friends, ex-players, managers and family around me at the time. Sometimes you can sit there and over-think things and I was certainly doing that.”

“I wanted it to be that once I decided then I was 100% in. I’m not 50-50 or 70% of John Terry – Aston Villa will get 100% of John Terry this year.

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“Hopefully that’s a lot more good performances than bad but it’s going to be a rocky road because I know what the Championship is like.”

“There’s going to be some defeats along the way. It’s how we, as a group, respond to those and can we pick ourselves up and go again.”

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