MFA planning for a Futsal League and development of Women’s and Youth football in Mizoram

MFA planning for a Futsal League and development of Women's and Youth football in Mizoram. Photo: Aiff
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The Mizoram Football Association is planning to create a proper Futsal League in the state for Futsal teams affiliated under the MFA.

It also has plans to cultivate Futsal more widely throughout the state and has already overseen club affiliation and player registration. It has also created a separate Futsal Committee which will administer Futsal in the state.

The MFA also has set aside a separate budget for Women’s Football and Youth Development. This budget will be implemented towards developing a proper women’s football league as well as a proper youth league.

The Women’s Committee and Youth Development Committee of MFA will take necessary measures for this project. The FIFA Development Project has already taken steps in Mizoram for Women’s Football & Youth Development.