Subrata Bhattacharya puts sexual allegations on Bhaichung Bhuttia

Subrata Bhattacharya puts sexual allegations on Bhaichung Bhuttia
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Subrata Bhattacharya, a name that has become almost synonymous in Indian football with making controversial statements. From football administrators to footballers, there is hardly any name that has got respite from Subrata’s verbal attacks.

The status of relation between Subrata and Bhaichung Bhuttia is unknown to none. The rift between the two is prominent since the playing days of Bhaichung. In many previous occasions Subrata criticised Bhuttia while Bhaichung also took a toll of his one time coach in several issues.

At the very moment, the legendary centre-back of Bagan is pretty much isolated in Indian football. Inspite of all his efforts, he failed to secure the AFC ‘A’ License coaching degree which is required to coach a team in the top flight of Indian football. Subrata has also accused Bhuttia for this as he believes that the ‘Sikkimese Sniper’ utilised his influence to bar him from getting the license.

But the allegation that ‘Bablu’ has made just one day after being declared to be receiving ‘Mohun Bagan Ratna’ will create shock-waves in Indian football circuit. Subrata was approached by the Media personnel today at an event in Kolkata. Besides commenting on the foreigner issue in the I-League and several other topics he was also asked about Bhuttia’s increasing prominence in Indian football administration.

In reply to it Subrata even convicted Bhuttia on sexual and financial charges. Bhattacharya said,”I never liked him. Who is Bhaichung Bhuttia? There have been and there is many better players than him……….Today some people from Sikkim came to me. They said that they are highly annoyed with him(Bhuttia) on several issues. Besides administrative and political issues..(pause) he also has several women related issues and financial issues..”!

The above comment by the veteran will surely attract many controversies. And as the Captain of the ‘Blue Tigers’ Sunil Chhetri is also on the verge of becoming the son-in-law of Subrata, the above statement regarding his one time ‘Godfather’ would also be a tough pill to swallow for him.

Whatever it is, but the lovestory between Subrata Bhattacharya and controversies continues.