Atletico Madrid unveil their new club badge

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Atletico Madrid have unveiled their new club badge ahead of the 2017-18 season.

The new badge is a nod to the contemporary times but certainly pays tribute to the club’s history and its connection with the Spanish capital.

A statement on the club’s official website read:

“The new image, that was announced last December, will help to reinforce the steps ahead taken during the recent years in the institutional and the sports fields. The badge evolves respecting the club’s history and supporting our most representative colors.”

“The Atlético de Madrid is a club proud of its roots.”

“Today we add one badge to those we’ve had along our history, but we don’t renounce to any of the previous ones.”

The features of the new logo are as follows –

1) The dark blue colour makes a return.

2) No longer does the badge bear the black, brown, green and the yellow sides.

3) In addition, the red and white stripes have thickened out, returning to the three red and four white used across much of Atleti’s history.

4) The pointedness of the edges have been rounded off.

5) Finally, the bear and the tree, which pays tribute to the city of Madrid, remains at the top of the badge but flips its direction.

Atletico spent a year and a half crafting 15 different potential badges to select from and ultimately in December, the club announced its new badge to be used from 1st July onwards.

A new nine-year contract for Saúl Ñíguez, a new stadium in Wanda Metropolitano and a new club badge, Atletico prepare to embark upon a new journey, certainly an ambitious one.