‘FIFA Live Your Goals’ project of AIFF doing wonders in Women’s football

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Women’s football in India has been a sector which has remained thoroughly neglected for ages. But some activities off late by AIFF and concerned authorities have shown glimmer of hope. From commercialising women’s league to spreading it to all state associations, attention in women’s football has gained prominence recently.

In an effort to boost Women’s Football in India, the All India Football Federation launched the FIFA Live Your Goals in India in 2015. Since then under the FIFA Live Your Goals banner the AIFF has extended the horizons of Women’s Football in the nation including vigorous work at Grassroots level.

The programme concentrates on building Grassroots Leaders who in turn will unearth potential talent at the Grassroots level. Not only that, the Live Your Goals programme also focuses on Women empowerment and allows young girls to live their dreams of playing Football on the field through various footballing activities and drills being organized in the Football festivals.

2015 saw close to 160 Women coaches and 1300 girls participate in the Grassroots Leaders courses and Festivals held throughout the country. Schools too took on an active part with Festivals being organised on campus. In 2016 the number grew to around 200 coaches and over 2200 girls, indicating the rise of popularity of football amongst young girls.

AIFF Technical Director Savio Medeira shared his thoughts on the initiative, “The Live Your Goals programme is an inspiring effort to get more girls and women into Football. AIFF is working really hard and has made considerable progress towards development of female participation.”