East Bengal fans emerge as the saviour of an accident-struck Bagan fan

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Whenever the two names of East Bengal and Mohun Bagan are uttered, the first thing that comes to the mind of people is their eternal rivalry and the great Kolkata Derby. But in Kolkata Maidan, you will sometimes find instances of the bonding of these two footballing giants in times of need. A recent case has again stirred up the notion that beyond the rivalry, sporting spirit is what carries more value.

Sougata Ghosh, a die hard Bagan fan from Orissa fell prey to an accident at Exide More, Kolkata on 23rd June, almost near midnight. After being fatally injured, the only thing he could manage was to write a short post on his timeline asking for help. The Bagan fans automatically took note of it and rushed to his help, but the East Bengal fans did not remain silent as well, they also got involved into the issue.

Mr. Ghosh was admitted to a hospital at Baghajatin area in Kolkata and the Red and Gold fans besides the Mariners arrived at his help. They acted unitedly besides the family of accident-struck Sougata to enable him get all the medical facilities at deep night.

The issue gets an extra touch of sensitivity when one comes to know that an East Bengal fan who helped Sougata in time of his need was someone against whom the same Sougata Ghosh took initiative to file a FIR. Few months ago, for uploading a controversial video in Facebook (via FB live) against Bagan fans the East Bengal fan named Shantanu Karmakar had to face an FIR by Bagan fans. Both sets of fans automatically got involved into the issue and the things got more heated up as the incident was just days before the Derby.

But within a few months, the same Shantanu Karmakar arrived at the help of his so called ‘enemy’ Sougata Ghosh setting up a true example of humanity in Kolkata football. Sougata Ghosh also did not forget to pay his gratitude to the East Bengal supporters and especially Karmakar calling him ‘Brother’!

At a time when the two giants of Indian football are seemingly getting cornered by the policies of AIFF, their unity is seemingly getting stronger than ever. The recent incident may just act as a catalyst in some of their future united movements against AIFF. At the end of the day, such an incident is not only rare between two rival clubs in India, but anywhere in the world.