RB Leipzig and Red Bull Salzburg allowed to compete in Champions League

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Union of European Football Association (UEFA) has allowed Austrian league champions Red Bull Salzburg and Bundesliga runners-up RB Leipzig to compete in next season’s Champions League.

The participation of German league runners up in the champions league was under question, since both the clubs had same ownership and UEFA prohibits such situation in its tournaments. According to rules, UEFA forbids two clubs having same ownership from participating in the same tournament.

In its decision, UEFA ruled out such possibility by verifying necessary documents and stated that “no individual or legal entity had a decisive influence over more than one club”. Which means both clubs can field their respective sides in the Champions league 2017-18 season.

Leipzig was founded in 2009 when Red Bull bought the playing rights of fifth division side SSV Markranstadt and has gained four promotions in last seven seasons to finish as the runners up of 1st tier German football.

Red Bull bought Austrian league champions Salzburg in 2005 and has won eight league titles since their take over. But following a restructuring of the club Red Bull no longer controls the majority stakes of the club.

If the decision had went other way Red Bull Salzburg would have taken the champions league spot since they were the league champions.