Bayern Munich make five changes to their logo

FC Bayern München old (left) and new (right) logo. (Photo: Daniel Nyari)
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The Bundesliga champions have made five minor changes to the logo in order to add visibility.

Bayern Munich have unveiled a new club logo ahead of the upcoming season. The new logo looks barely different from the old one but slight modifications have been made according to club affiliated graphic designer Daniel Nyari.

A Facebook user recently noticed that the lettering on the club’s crest had changed in a recent post by the club’s official page. Bayern responded to the user saying that the logo had indeed been modified with a slight difference in font and the club colours.

The two main colours, red and blue have darker tones. Also, there has been amendments to the angle of the text and the letters ‘C’ and ‘M’.

In Nyari’s own words, the detailed modifications are as follows:

1. New and darker blue.

2. New and warmer red.

3. Vertex on ‘M’ is shorter and converges to a point.

4. Angle on Bavarian lozenges changes from -30 degrees to -35 degrees in rotation.
Lozenges were scaled up to fix uneven crop. Seven blue instead of eight blue lozenges across.

5. The terminals of the ‘C’ were lengthened.

This is the first time since 2002 that changes were made to the logo. Nyari further added that the changes were made due to global economical competition, to consolidate brand tone and add more visibility.