Argentine defender admits poking opponent forwards with needles

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Federico Allende, a defender who turns out for lower division side Sport Pacifico has made a shocking revelation after his side’s memorable victory over Top division side Estudiates.

Allende in an interview with local radio station has claimed to use unfair means to play dirty against opponent strikers.

Speaking to Cordoba’s Vorterix Radio, Allende said:

“I kept piercing the Estudiantes strikers with a needle. We know that top division players don’t like contact, they don’t like if we waste time or if we play dirty.So that was the way to do it. Football is like that. Football is for the clever.”

It is believed that he had kept needles hidden in his shin pads; Estudiantes Forward Juan Otero was the main target of Allende during the match.

From the recent reports we understood that Sport Pacifico is going to terminate Allende’s contract.