FIFA to Give Referees power to abandon matches

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As a part of eliminating Racism and discrimination from sports, the governing body of football is set to implement a new system, which allows referees to abandon matches in case of any such mishappenings that occurs during the game.

The new changes will be subject to FIFA’s “three step rules”, which allows match officials to stop and request through public announcement to cease such discrimatory behavior from fans, then to suspend the game till such behavior stops and abandon the match completely. In addition to this system, the world governing body will also deploy anti-discrimination observers at all games.

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Photo: AP

Speaking about the new changes, FIFA president Gianni Infantino said:

“These are ground-breaking changes in the global fight against discrimination that will mark the 2017 edition of the FIFA Confederations Cup.”
“Both initiatives are extra tools for the referees and match officials to prevent discriminatory attitudes and ensure that the atmosphere in the stadium is one of fair play and respect.”

The new rules will be implemented in the upcoming FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 Russia, which commences on 17th June. Hosts Russia will take on New Zealand in the first game of the eight- team tournament on Saturday.