Goa football association suspends 46 players

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In a surprising decision, Goan football association has suspended 46 players for participating in unrecognised tournaments held in the state.The association also asked players to surrender their playing license immediately.

The players include professional footballers who donned the colours of various I-League , ISL sides . Several players who were part of Goa’s Santhosh trophy squad were also among the list.

The decision regarding the suspension of players came after intense pressure from match officials. Earlier GFA suspended few match officials for officiating such unrecognised tournament’s in the state.

GFA had received evidences of players participating in such tournament’s in the form of photographs and videos.

peter carvalho
Peter carvalho, Photo: ISL

Lots of tournament happen in Goa in a season , most of these tournament’s are recognised by the football association. Recently the number of unrecognised tournament’s espeacially sevens tournaments had increased rapidly and is becoming popular in the state.

List of suspended players:

Romeo Fernandes, Gabriel Fernandes, Brandon Fernandes, Keenan Almeida, Joshua Vaz, Kingslee Fernandes, Anthony D’Souza, Agnelo Colaco, Seriton Fernandes, Victorino Fernandes, Joaquim Abranches, Samir Naik, Velito Cruz, Don Bosco Fernandes, Joaquim Carvalho, Jovel Martins, Mauvin Borges, Bharat Thapa, Clencio Pinto, Suraj Hadkonkar, Franzil Negredo, Micky Fernandes, Richard Costa, Nicholas Fernandes, Alesh Sawant, Joy Ferrao, Melwin Lobo, Jessel Carneiro, Peter Carvalho, Latesh Mandrekar, Lenny Pereira, Brian Mascarenhas, Leander D’Cunha, Marcus Mascarenhas, Mario Mascarenhas, Aaren D’Silva, Melroy Fernandes, Bruno Colaco, Nicolau Colaco, Cajetan Fernandes, Glan Martins, Raju Haldankar, Aniston Fernandes, Jyotesh Palkar, Tyson Caiado, Adil Khan