Club President of Mohun Bagan Resigns

Photo: Mohun Bagan
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Swapansadhan Bose aka Tutu Bose, the president of Mohunbagan club, resigns from his presidency post. The honorable ex-president of the national club of India was suffering from various illnesses and was unable to bring sponsorship for the last 3years.

As the club is now in tumultuous situation due to quarrel between ISL franchises and the I-league clubs, Tutu Bose decided to resign so that he can’t be blamed.

For the last 3years he has been telling that he will bring sponsors but has failed to bring any sponsor. His arrogant decision of not paying franchise fees of Rs 15crore to play ISL has caused demotion of the 126years old club from the main tournament to second division. Now to save his back Tutu Bose has resigned from his post.